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Anime Keycaps

Whether you are looking for a unique keycap set to match your gaming setup or want to personalize your keyboard, there are many options available. Anime Keycaps can be purchased at online stores and are a great way to express yourself. These designs can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. You can […]

Signature Plastics Keycaps

Signature Plastics makes a number of different types of keycaps for keyboards. These usually come in clear colors and can be customized. The company also offers custom legends and UV printing. The company has a large customer base worldwide. Keycaps made with ABS plastic are inexpensive and durable, and can endure millions of keystrokes. However, […]

Pink Keycaps

If you’re looking for a new keycap set, you’ve come to the right place. Pink keycaps are a great option to add a unique style to your keyboard. You’ll find a wide variety of options, including retro and curvy keycaps, and colorful novelty keycaps. Some pink keycaps even come with custom patterns for your function […]

Thick PBT Keycaps Vs Thin PBT Keycaps

Thick pBT keycaps are a popular choice among keyboard users. They offer more tactile feel and are more durable than standard Cherry MX or other types of keycap material. They also don’t distort keys and press against them, resulting in a more comfortable typing experience. Thick PBT keycaps are typically made of PVC or ABS […]

Rainbow Keycaps

If you love the rainbow colors, you’ll love these colorful keycaps. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, these covers are made of PBT material and fit any standard mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches. They’re also backlit, so you’ll have the perfect illumination while typing. In addition to their fun colors, rainbow keycaps are durable and […]

Choosing Keycaps For Your Keyboard

A keycap is the plastic cover that covers the individual keys of a keyboard. Its color, design, and feel can all affect the overall experience of using the keyboard. There are many different keycap options available. These caps can be custom-made to match the aesthetics of your keyboard and add to its functionality. PVC is […]

Round Keycaps

Round keycaps are one of the most common types of keycaps. They have a unique, vintage look and feel that is both attractive and functional. Many of these keycaps also feature touch-type support and transparent lettering. Many of these keycaps have a double-shot molded ABS construction, making them very durable and abrasion-resistant. The profile of […]

Shine Through Keycaps

Before buying shine through keycaps, you need to consider their durability. This factor can determine how much you spend. It is possible to buy an expensive product and have it break after a few months. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend some extra cash, you can get a high-quality product that […]

Purple Keycaps

There are two main factors to consider when purchasing purple keycaps: quality and price. While these two factors are interrelated, they have very different impacts on your purchase decision. If you’re on a budget, you should look for purple keycaps that are affordable and still look stylish. They should also be easy to install and […]

NPKC Engraved Wood Keycaps

NPKC’s Engraved Wooden Series is a unique way to customize wood keycaps. These premium wooden keycaps are crafted with precision using genuine wood and feature engraved legends for a touch of craftsmanship. They are compatible with Cherry MX switches and are available separately or attached to wooden keyboards from Crolander. Keycaps come in a variety […]

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