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[TIPS] DIY How To Make Custom Keycaps

For a long time, people have been using DIY keycaps. These are the keycaps that you use in your keyboard to make it easier for you to type. However, many of us are now finding that it’s difficult to find the good keycaps these days because they’re all so expensive. It used to be that you could only find them in specialty stores – but these days, they’re just as easy to find at many retailers. So how do you find the best DIY keycaps? Keep reading to learn how to do this!

diy keycaps

First off, consider whether you’re making the keycap yourself or getting them already made. If you’re making the keycap on your own, then you can easily save a lot of money by buying a keycap design kit instead of the individual keycaps. However, these kits are not that inexpensive, and they can be very tricky to put together. If you’re getting them pre-made, then you’ll pay a lot less – but the quality is not as high as it can be, and the keycaps are not really that unique.

The best place to go if you’re looking for cheap keycaps is eBay – there are literally thousands of keycap making sellers on this auction site! These sellers usually offer the cheapest keycaps around, and you can even get them – for a small amount of money – from someone who wants to sell a few. Another option you have is to buy a few keycaps in bulk at online distributors, like CDN. When you buy in bulk, you can usually get these at up to 50% less than the price at your local store!

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