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[TIPS] What are the differences between PBT vs ABS?

2 popular materials for the production of keycaps are available here: PBT vs ABS keycaps. They can identify the variations between PBT and ABS keycaps by their sound, feel and even look for those who have encountered keycaps produced from both materials. In this paper, we enable you to resolve the difference between ABS and PBT keycaps.

PBT vs ABS: The differences

ABS Keycaps

ABS is abbreviation for Butadiene Styrene acrylonitrile, a plastic copolymer. This material is utilized in keycaps production since it is inexpensive and sturdy. One keycap can resist millions of bullets with this material. After a period, though, the latter fades away and the keycap is thinner. The greasing or sparkling appearance is one of the most typical phenomenons of long-used ABS keycaps. This is because plastics start to change color after persistent exposure to UV radiation. For ABS keycaps these impacts are unavoidable yet you may use your keyboard for longer when using high-quality ABS keycaps.

Infecting ABS keycaps to a keycap mould is the majority. The letters are then printed on the keycaps in accordance with manufacturers, via pad printing, marking or gravure.

Since ABS material is widely used for keycaps, an ABS keyboard with different costs may be easily found. But GMK’s brand is one of the most desired high-price keycaps.

PBT keycaps

PBT is Polybutylene Terephthalate, also a substance for the manufacturing of keycaps. PBT is less popular than ABS because of its costly source of manufacturing. The PBT vs. ABS keycaps, however, have major advantages. This type of plastic is harder, so over time it won’t readily wear out. You may utilize PBT keycaps years before the keyboard exhibits signs of ageing compared to ABS keycaps.

PBT plastic keycaps are usually matt and more thick than ABS plastic. The costlier PBT keycaps, the better the texture.

How do the PBT vs ABS keycaps differ?


Overall, it’s more costly than ABS to view PBT keycaps. This is due to the fact that it is significantly more difficult to produce PBT keycaps. The material cannot easily create a correct keycap using the molds. And the material itself is costly. Naturally, owing to its distinctive designs you may discover some priced ABS keycaps.


ABS keycaps are easy to recognize since they are smooth and glossy. PBT is matte, on the other hand. This variation is caused by manufacturing materials and compounds. This difference is not only visible, but also felt. You can feel silky with ABS keycaps and glide on the keyboard with your fingertips. And the keycaps might be greasy and glossy after a time. But you will feel a bit sandy with PBT keycaps. This is also one of the greatest variations which enables consumers to select the preferred keycaps.


From their name you can clearly perceive the point. More robust than ABS plastic, the plastic of PBT is more fragile. Thus, you might not have to buy a new keyboard for a long if you select PBT rather ABS keycaps.


PBT keycaps are usually more thick than ABS. It isn’t always true, however. You can also purchase high quality ABS keycaps that are thicker than low cost PBT keycaps.


You can also notice the sound difference between PBT and ABS. PBT keycaps are larger than ABS, sound is always louder than ABS keycaps while typing with PBT keycaps. In addition, when the keycaps are used, they do not vibrate too much.

Which is better? Which one is better?

It is up to you to do it. Both keycap kinds are costly and inexpensive, so that you may select one that fits your budget simply.

You may pick PBT keycaps if you prefer the sand, matte hue and dynamic sound. If not, you can buy bright and beautiful ABS keycaps. You should take high-end keycaps with distinctive designs into account if you concern that the keycaps may wear off fast.

In general, the benefits and drawbacks of PBT versus ABS keycaps are own. They give you a variety of pricing and styles from numerous producers. You may select, as a client, whatever is right for your requirements and budget. However, you should contact a renowned manufacturer to have the greatest pricing experience.

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